Choose the method that best suits you !

Face to Face

If you are local to Manchester, England then you will be able to take advantage of face to face tuition.  This is done at a home studio where you will have access to recording equipment using Pro Tools/Ableton software using a Focusrite Scarlett Studio 2i2 interface including Studio Headphones and Microphone.  You will be provided with all the documentation and support you will need.  You only need to bring yourself and your Guitar !

Video Call Lesson

If you prefer, why not take advantage of doing lessons via video calling using Skype or Viber ?  This way you don't get the hassle of a commute and can learn guitar from the comfort of your own home.  Lessons last the same 45 mins and you will be provided with music tab sheets and all supporting documentation electronically.


Lesson Structure

We will start with a simple discussion on why you want to learn guitar, and around what types of music you are into.  Your lessons will be based around your needs and interests and built around you achieving these goals.  If you are brand new to guitar we will build you up slowly and start practical lessons from Day 1.  These will consist of simple exercises together with basic open chord building.  Then we move onto songs and solos.  As with most instruments how fast you progress will depend largely on how much time and effort you put into practicing away from your lesson !

We keep records of the chords you learn and the pieces of music you can play for reference and can also send you information electronically.  As you progress we can start recording your playing and we will go over how to record your own tracks so if you want you can start recording at your own home.