About Me

Are you one of those lucky people who works at a job they love ? I am !  I started learning guitar years ago and I can assure you it has never once felt like a chore.  In fact it came to be one of the main staples of my life and something I would turn to especially during the bad times.  If I had a bad day at work, or was just feeling down, playing my guitar would always make me feel better.

Like with most people, learning a musical instrument had always been on my bucket list.  I had an acoustic guitar around the house for a couple of years that I noodled around with.  However it wasn’t until I started guitar lessons that my love for playing and learning began.  I was hooked from the first lesson!  I will never forget the near overwhelming feeling of accomplishment when on my first lesson I could play the beginning riff to Nirvana’s Come as you are.  I played it painfully slowly and out of time and my fingers hurt, but that didn’t matter.  I COULD PLAY A GUITAR!

With my tutors guidance I continued learning new songs almost every week.  He would point out small but significant areas I could do differently and the reasons why.  I was fascinated with the seemingly never ending knowledge that was out there for guitar players and one of the main highlights of the week would be when I would go to my guitar lesson.  I enjoyed the conversations about playing,  and as my confidence grew, I would bring my own songs and interpretations of songs.  Looking back it was a very rewarding and enjoying time.

After a few years I started teaching family and friends and helped them avoid the same pitfalls my own tutor advised me on, and after years stuck in a desk job I was getting no satisfaction from, I finally found the courage to hand my notice in and for the first time work doing something I genuinely loved.

I am now fully committed to teaching guitar.  So if your looking to tick this one off your bucket list then drop me an email.  I pride myself on being an excellent communicator with a friendly personality and patient demeanour.

I have a home studio setup working with Pro Tools, Ableton and Powergrid Bias FX for recording.  I have a subject access disclosure document confirming no criminal convictions, and I look forward to hearing from you soon !




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